The Mystic Best Manan

A story told by Danilo Marić, inspired by the legend that has been alive and well for ages in Prebolovci. which speaks about two towns near Prebilovci and about a couple in love, first published at our website, has been included in the collection of short stories by this author published in English (Catawba, Charlotte, USA). The short story Stojo i Stoja is the only one of the many works through which Prebilovci has entered the world of literature. Prebilovci is mentioned in the prologue to the Molitva by Vuk Drašković as well as in several other poems. Some of those works have been published at our website under the heading Prebilovci in poetry. We have chosen to present a poem by Stevan Raičković Umesto kamena za spomen-crkvu u Prebilovcima, which we have taken over from Suvišna pesma (Srpska književna zadruga, 1991), and a poem by the Serbian leading poet Djordje SladojeJavić, taken over from a book of poetry,Čuvarkuća (Oktoih Podgorica, KZ V. Mijušković- Nilkšić, Libertas, Bijelo Polje, 1999). The book by Danilo Marić, The Mystic Best Man, includes  32 stories. The translator of Marić’s short stories has suggested the author to change the names of Stoja and Stojo to Dobro and Angelina in their English edition. The author has accepted this suggestion. The English edition of Marić’s latest book is beautifully illustrated by Minja Bojanić.


Published at in February 2008

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