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As an encyclopedic item, Prebilovci has appeared in several editions of the web-based, free encyclopedia Wikipedia. Started on January 15, 2001, Wikipedia is currently published in more than 200 languages. At the beginning of 2007 the Serbian edition of Wikipedi a was presented in Belgrade Youth Center. This edition is available in both Latin and Cyrillic scripts.

The name Wikipedia originates from the Hawaiian words «wiki , wiki» meaning “quickly.” Wikipedia is designed to allow its users quick and free entering, as well as editing of its pages, i.e. encyclopedic articles. There are more than 3 million articles, out of which almost one million have been written in English. The Serbian Wikipedia includes about 20 thousand articles and is one among twenty most voluminous editions per entered article.

- «Imagine a world in which everyone has a fee access to the entire human knowledge. Тhat’s exactly what we provide» is Wikipedie ’s motto. The homepage of Wikipedi a where visitors can choose among languages is at:

Articles on Prebilovci:Пребиловци - Cyrillic script , - Latin script , - English .

The first information on registering Prebilovci at Wikipedi a web-team Prebilovci-village was obtained after the reviewing of the statistical data on the number of visits paid to our website. Visitors can enter our website following three Wikipedia’s links . In addition to other items, this encyclopedia has published a very detailed biography of academician Milorad Ekmečić , the well-known historian who was born in Prebilovci. As the author has noted that Еkmečić was born in our village, which has also been represented in the encyclopedia, there is a link between these two articles. In every article published in the encyclopedia, words, i.e. concepts that open links to new pages are marked blue. You only need to click the word to guide you to related pages with additional information on the article of your interest. If there is no article you search for in Wikipedia , the word is marked red . The article on Milorad Ekmečić is available here:Милорад_Екмечић


Published at in September, 2007

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