This was the Cultural Center Once 

The former elementary school "Kralj Milutin" and, today, the post-war Cultural Center is becoming overgrown in weeds. For how long? It’s high time the ruination of this historical building were stopped. It is from here that the inhabitants of Prebilovac left on their last trip in 1941. The NDH government’s promise that they would move and travel to Serbia was broken at the station of Šumarci where the pit of Golubinka is. It happened on the 6 th of August 1941. Almost fifty years later, when the remnants of the people who had been massacred and thrown into the pit were excavated, it was here that they were washed, sung the requiem for and prepared for a dignified funeral, which was held exactly on the 50th anniversary of the massacre. It is well remembered that during the religious service held in front of the Cultural Center, it was raining cats an dogs. But during the speech of the most holy Dabro-Bosnian metropolitan Vladislav (now, the blessed deceased), it stopped raining for a while. The sun appeared and lit the temple building site. Noticing that, the most holy metropolitan said: "Today, even the sky is crying over Prebilovci.

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