"Man in the hills, man with no roots"

Since the origin of Prebilovci, the soil has always been in great demand. There’s no house here built on the soil which could be tilled and give any profit. On the contrary, even the hill forest has been cleared into a ”handful of soil.” Even today, this can easily be noticed in Prebilovci, and picturesquely shown in its hamlet, Kulina. On the photo is a house at the entrance of Kulina shared by the brothers Ilija and Miladin Ekmečić. The house is on the hill, above the road, and below the house is a rather small field as its name implies (Male njive, Small Fields). A good number of the fields in the area of Prebilovci are called Podvornica. It is perhaps just from here, and based on such a logic of the building of houses, that the old and well-known Herzegovina saying has come down: "Man in the hills, man with no roots."

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